Workshops – Special Sessions – Round Tables

Parkinson’s Disease Session, 11th April


Workshop: ‘Υοung Generation of Scientists: Research and Innovation‘, 11th April

Chair: Dr. Costas Demetzos

Professor in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology- Advanced Drug Delivery nano Systems

Faculty of Pharmacy, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


Workshop: ‘From Drug discovery to Drug delivery: advances and regulatory issues‘, 12th April 

Chair: Dr. Anna Tsantili-Kakoulidou

Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

School of Pharmacy, University of Athens, Greece


RoundTable: ‘Non-pharmacological treatments of dementia. The encouraging results of SOCIABLE’, 12th April 

Chair: Dr. Paraskevi Sakka

Neurologist-Psychiatrist, Director at Hygeia Hospital

Neurodegenerative Brain Conditions – Memory Clinic

Chairwoman at Athens Association of Alzheimer’s Disease

and Related Disorders, Greece


Workshop-Tutorial: ‘ Advanced Microscopy Technologies Duration’, 12th April 

Organizer: PnoiLab SA

1. Advanced microscopy for biological samples

2. Electronic Microscopy, Theory of operation, Applications In Life science and Neurology

3. Advanced Fluorescence Imaging, New approaches in image clarity, Image Analysis Software and image preparation and handling.